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Self- and Super-organizing Maps in R: The kohonen Package (Part 2) - NHL Stats

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NHL Stats - Regular Season 2013/2014 

Legends, Stars and Bench-Warmers....

OVERVIEW - these visualizations are created in R Programming Language and use a specific library (Kohonen) that is developed to ingest data sets and visualize the data.  Self Organizing Maps. 

and with commentary...

Source Code

  ## R Source Code - Ryan Anderson - Dream to Learn - May 1st 2014
  ## Playing around with supervised pattern recognition, and self organizing maps 
  ## Figured NHL player stats could be interesting (and can check if the viz is 'meaningful')
  # Load the kohonen package 
  setwd("C:/Users/Home/Documents/DTL Data Viz Community/Canada")
  players <- read.csv("HockeyStats2014CSV.csv")
  ## data source: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/stats/byposition?pos=C,RW,LW,D&conference=NHL&year=season_2013&qualified=1
  ## or here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwjxYjWyopXhWVM0N19zSExINzA/edit?usp=sharing (CSV)
  ## and with player names and teams https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwjxYjWyopXhUWlHcGJzdS1ZVEk/edit?usp=sharing
  players.sc <- scale(players)
  players.som <- som(players.sc, grid = somgrid(10, 6, "hexagonal"))
  plot(players.som, main = "NHL Player Stats - 2013/2014 - Regular Season")

-- end of code

Here is what data looked like on Yahoo Stats board - I removed the player name and team, and a few columns in CSV..

## From Kohonen library PDF Abstract... 

#  "In this age of ever-increasing data set sizes, especially in the natural sciences, visualisation
#  becomes more and more important. Self-organizing maps have many features
#  that make them attractive in this respect: they do not rely on distributional assumptions,
#  can handle huge data sets with ease, and have shown their worth in a large number of
#  applications. We highlight the kohonen package for R, which implements 
#  self-organizing maps and extensions for supervised pattern recognition and data fusion.


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