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IBM Watson & AlchemyAPI - Making First Contact with R Programming Language (Part 1)

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As Venturebeat noted in March 2015 >


Technology heavyweight IBM today is announcing that it has acquired AlchemyAPI, a startup with a service for making inferences on images and text using a form of trendy artificial intelligence called deep learning. The idea is to bolster the IQ of IBM’s Watson “cognitive” computing system with AlchemyAPI’s tools


API's are open - easy to get a key - so let's play... first post - just getting basic connection and syntax...




# Playing around with R Programming Language and IBM's new toolkit AlchemyAPI
# Free API key here - http://www.alchemyapi.com/api/register.html


# verify these work in your browser first - with your api KEY - IF NOT, you have to figure that out first.  if OK, then can proceed to R syntax for first contact...

# WORKS IN BROWSWER - http://access.alchemyapi.com/calls/url/URLGetTextSentiment?url=https://dreamtolearn.com/node/8OVIWY2C5RLZZSYD9OHCKM8AI/80&apikey={error: no user with username '{SECRET_API_KEY}' was found}
# WORKS IN BROWSER - http://access.alchemyapi.com/calls/url/URLGetTextSentiment?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.macrumors.com%2F2013%2F11%2F05%2Fapple-releases-itunes-11-1-3-with-equalizer-and-performance-improvements%2F&apikey={error: no user with username '{SECRET_API_KEY}' was found}&outputMode=json
# WORKS IN BROWSER - http://access.alchemyapi.com/calls/url/URLGetTextSentiment?url=http://www.thebusinessmakers.com/episodes/shows/2014/november-2014/episode-494/sridhar-sudarsan.html&apikey={error: no user with username '{SECRET_API_KEY}' was found}&outputMode=json

alchemy_url <- "http://access.alchemyapi.com/calls/url/"
api_feature <- "URLGetTextSentiment"
the_url <- "https://dreamtolearn.com/node/8OVIWY2C5RLZZSYD9OHCKM8AI/80"
api_key <- "{error: no user with username '{SECRET_API_KEY}' was found}"  # alchemy API secret key 
temp <- paste(alchemy_url,api_feature,"?url=",the_url,"&apikey=",api_key,"&outputMode=json", sep="")

#end of code


### if it works - response like this:  
#Response [http://access.alchemyapi.com/calls/url/URLGetTextSentiment?url=https://dreamtolearn.com/node/8OVIWY2C5RLZZSYD9OHCKM8AI/80&apikey=SECRET&outputMode=json]
#Status: 200
#Content-Type: application/json
#  "status": "OK",
#    "url": "https://dreamtolearn.com/node/8OVIWY2C5RLZZSYD9OHCKM8AI/80",
#    "totalTransactions": "1",
#    "language": "english",
#    "docSentiment": {
#        "score": "0.831337",
#        "type": "positive"
#    }

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