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IBM Watson - List of Useful Links - Blogs and GITHub repos....

POSTED IN: Building Bridges from R to IBM Watson


IBM Watson - Starter Kits

  2. BUILD WITH WATSON Starter kits & resources:
  9. REDBOOKS -  Building Cognitive Applications with IBM Watson Services series is a seven-volume collection that introduces IBM Watson cognitive computing services.
  10. Create Shiny Web App Dashboard in R
  11. CODE HOME: Collection REST APIs and SDKs that use cognitive computing to solve complex problems:
  13. ZERO TO COGNITIVE - building first app
  15. ARCHITECTURES & PATTERNS - IBM's architectures provide the best practices for building applications in the Cloud.
  16. Cloud Patterns, AI Patterns, Data Patterns
  17. CUSTOMER CARE - Sample application demonstrating how the Watson APIs can be used to support customer care on Twitter -
  18. PYTHON to Twitter API to fetch a user's timeline and then calls Watson Personality Insights to estimate their personality traits.
  19. VIsion - Sample ASP.Net Core Application for the IBM Watson Visual Recognition Service
  20. A Deploy-To-Bluemix enabled instance of Node-RED that can be forked, customized and reused.
  21. Bot Builder - A simple sample application demonstrating the conversation api -
  22. SPEECH - Sample Node.js Application for the IBM Watson Speech to Text Service -
  23. SPEECH Python - Python client that interacts with the IBM Watson Speech To Text service through its WebSockets interface -
  24. SPEECH Python Streaming -
  25. Conversation + NLU + Weather + Tone Analyzer:
  26. Conversation + NLU + Weather + Tone Analyzer + Personality Insights:


IBM Watson - Useful Blogs and Code Snippets

  1. WDC Home Page -

  2. IBM Watson Github -

  3. WDC GIT Repo -

  4. Series of webinars called "Building with Watson" that we run biweekly. It's a technical web series for developers who want to or are beginning to build with Watson APIs

  5. Study Guide  -

  6. Cognitive Catalyst -

  7. Ryan Anderson Blog -

  8. Ryan Anderson GIT -

  9. Ryan's YOUTUBE -

  10. REACT - Receive Extract Analyze Classify and Targeted Re-insert -

  11. Anthony Stevens Blog - Cogntive Resonance -

  12. Anthony Stevens GIT -

  13. Joe Jozhaya's Blog -

  14. Watson Developer Cloud Performance Evaluation Utilities

  15. Alchemy SDK Home -

  16. Zach Blog -

  17. Andrew Freed -

  18. Chris Madison Blog -

  19. Andy Trice - IBM Watson Vision -  * VISION *

  20. Tox Blog -  


  22. JeanCarl and Node Red:

  23. NODE RED -

  24.  Professor Languo -

  25.  SchoolFInder

  26.  NLP Enriched Product Reviews:

  27.  Web Based Intelligent Personal Assistant:

  28. IBM WDC Services for the Non-Technical (IBM  lunch and learn)

  29. Tradeoff Analytics to help choose better:

  30. Analyzing movie review with "IBM Insights for Twitter":

  31. Golden State Warriors -

  32. TRAINABLE Visual Classification Model

  33. RETRIEVE AND RANK - Chris Ackerson Developing with IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank: Part 1 Solr Configuration 

  34.  SEVENTY DAYS - 3 steps for building a cognitive solution in 70 days


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Enterprise

  1.   IBM IX -
  2.  Immersive Insights
  3. Speech Sandbox
  4. Enterprise Design Patterns -
  5. Tumblr
  6. Twitter
  7.  FLipboard
  8. Star Trek / Unity / Ubisoft


IBM Watson - Handbooks

  1. Watson Developer Cloud Handbook:
  2. Personality (PI) Handbook
  3. Natural Language Classifier (NLC) Handbook: 
  4. Retrieve and Rank (R&R) Handbook: 
  5. Cognitive Patterns:


Speech, Robotics and Hardware

  1. This is a simple conversation to demonstrate how a user's emotional tone can be used to provide more tailored and empathetic responses by integrating Watson Conversation and Watson Tone Analyzer.
  2. Watson Conversation Service – Deep Dive (with PPT deck) -
  3. Conversational Guidelines:
  4. Recent Advances in Conversational Speech Recognition -
  5. TJBOT - Bring TJ Bot to life (raspberry pi)
  6. TJ Waves -
  7. TJ BOT  1-
  8. WEARABLE TONE - A cognitive computing experiment to analyze audience's collective tone of voice
  9. IOT Slides and some nice embedded video - IOT - General Architecture for Voice Interaction Quickstart guide
  10. How To Build a Candy Machine With Feelings
  11. Cognitive Lego - STT TTS activated Lego-Bot
  12. Cognitive Wingman - Autism Assist Prototype
  13. Cognitive Wingman - Never Walk Alone -
  14. Igor Ramos - cool demo of "Cognitive + IoT + Blockchain" put together as a talking candy machine.
  15. BEER - Come and taste it -
  16.  Voice Controlled Robot Arm ($1) -
  17.  WINE Selection with your Food:   STT  NLC  TTS -
  18. COFFEE Selection by taste
  19. IBM Blue Voice - Playing with Amazon Echo/Alexa - very light test
  20. Audio Analysis Dashboard - TedTalks and Youtube Vids TRANSCRIPTS gen
  21. MACKENZIE - an IBM Watson Powered Speech / Text / NLC interface for R-Studio
  22. Boaty Mc Boatface -
  23. Sensemaking Systems in Call Centers -
  24. IBM Skylink connects drones to the IBM Cloud in real time


Data Discovery & User Segmentation

1. User Segmentation - Discussion Paper - Personality Insights > Jungian Archetypes

2:   PI Driven Segmentation:

3.    IBM Sports - IX - - Toronto Raptors UX/Data Viz/Watson

4.  Leveraging personality to predict consumption preferences

5.  Watson Ads 

6.  10 Major Brands Using IBM Watson -

7.  Equals3 Lucy - Powered by Watson -

8. Influential - Powered by Watson (Social Listening and Social Messaging) -



Vision and Visual Recognition

VERY GOOD:  Localized IBM Watson Visual Recognition using image preprocessing
(great blog and source code from Andrew Trice )

Slice and Dice Images (very good)

This is complete source code for visualizing localized results for a single class, within a single custom classifier using image preprocessing (tiling) techniques, and will run on Bluemix as-is. You can re-use as much as needed.  You just need to specify your Watson VR key and the classifier ID inside of app.js.  It can also be extended to support multiple classifiers and multiple classifications within a classifier


Info & Demo:
Visual Recognition Overview -
Visual Recognition demo - ("Try" = out-of-the-box tagging, "Train" = custom classifiers)
Similarity Search demo -
Best practices for custom classifiers -
Guidelines for good training -
API Reference -
Documentation -
Fork on Github -

Use Cases:
Visual Recognition Use Cases by Industry -
OmniEarth case study (satellite imagery) -
Drones performing inspections:
Drones gathering live video data: use case -
CRM magazine IBM's Augmented Shopping Advisor
IBM UK - IBM and Tesco test Augmented Reality mobile app
Here is a CLI for the Watson Visual Recognition service:
Andrew Trice demonstrates a solution for insurance adjustment utilizing drones and built on IBM Bluemix. Build cognitive solutions


Digital Twins and Asset Management

  1. IBM Watson & Digital Twins - Holistic Asset Management 
  2. What is Digital Twin? (slides)
  3. IBM launches new Digital Twin and Platform capabilities for Watson Internet of Things

  4. Building a Digital Twin using Watson IoT Platform
  5. IOT & Digital Twin - Industry 4.0
  6. Digital Twin: Bridging the physical-digital divide
  7. Immersive Insights and International Space Station (Watson Verbal Interface)
  8. Blogs






Walmart - block chain food safety -

Tesco - Planogram Compliance project -

Staples - Easy Button project -

Boots UK -

Apple - Transforming/Digitizing the Store Experience.



Schaeffler -

Honda - formula 1 - /

Local Motors - Olli -



Kone -


Kimberly Clark - facilities -



Northstar Bluescope Steel - employee safety -

Whirlpool -
Siemens -[]=DF



Panasonic - Digtial Concierge -

Ricoh - interactive whiteboard -

Whirlpool -

Panasonic, Nokia, Bragi


Travel & Transportation



Watson Visual Recognition food model


IBM Watson Service Demos

1 And Factoid Demo -

2.  Anthony's Factoid Assistant Code

3. Text to Speech:

4. Speech to Text :

5.  Tone Analyzer Demo

6.  TWILIO - Test Platform to integrate with Watson Enabled Twilio service -

7.  100 IBM Watson Videos -



  1.  Spark Streaming - Rafi Kurlansik
  2. Generalized Streaming Pipelines with Apache Spark and Kafka


Alchemy API Webinars: Previous session replays:

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  1. Social Media Monitoring APIs in a BI Dashboard
  2. Social Media Monitoring Enhanced with Watson APIs
  3. Conversational Application Showcase
  4. Deploying Your Watson App to Bluemix
  5. Beyond the Basics for Conversational Apps
  6. Training and Preparing Your Conversational System
  7. Conversational Apps Built with Watson Language APIs
  8. Optimize Conflicting Decisions with the Tradeoff Analytics API
  9. Interpreting Language Using the Natural Language Classifier
  10. Taking Speech to a New Level of Intelligence with NLP
  11. Building an App using the News API





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