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Ryan's Watson Links

POSTED IN: Building Bridges from R to IBM Watson

Building With Watson Developer Cloud - Selected Blogs / Videos:



Home Page for R Journey To Watson Blogs

R Scripts to Interface to Watson Developer Cloud Services

MacKenzie - R-Studio Voice Interface talks to Amazon Echo

NLC Opt Out Ground Truth for Twilio and other SMS

Tone Analysis with Twilio

Expressive Speech Demo

ICD10 Health Code Matching (rough prototype) for ER Diagnosis / Insurance

Harry Potter Sorting Hat (works!)

Nespresso Coffee Flavor Recommender (STT NLC TTS)

Wine Pairing - Steak and Red Wine (STT NLC TTS)

Other YouTube Videos

Lego Light Sabers (high voltage)

SalesForce Basic Integration from R

Best Buy!  Analyzing Product Reviews with IBM Watson

Big List of WDC Architect Links (SA's Anthony and Chris Madison have some excellent resources here)

Segmentation and Value Creation with "Cognitive Lego"

Hockey - Self Organizing Maps 2013/2014 Season

Jungian Archetypes - Mapping Marketing Segments with Personality Insights


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About the Author

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson

Hi! I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage. Lately I've been learning about machine learning.

About this blog

This is an informal blog that explores tools, code and tricks that group members have developed to engage IBM Watson cognitive computing services - from the R Programming Language. Packages include RCURL to access Watson APIs - for services that include Natural Language Classifier and Speech to Text. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG - it does not represent the views of my employer. Code is presented as 'use at your own risk' (it has lots of bugs)

Created: September 13, 2015


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