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Cognitive Toy Test

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Boaty McBoatFace!

Playing in the "Lab" with Cognitive Toys

I've been playing with toys in my spare time - and thinking about how Cognitive Computing services might make a toy interesting for kids.  In particular, I'm looking at (1) How toys can LISTEN and engage in SENSEMAKING of what kids are saying and (2) How the toys can REACT - for example, move limbs, eyes, or say something back.


What Makes a "good" Cognitive toy?

I'm not sure yet.   My daughter has a Teddy Bear.  His name is Ted.   He doesn't say much - but they are pals.

I'm wondering how much the toys need to do, to engage and delight kids.   My kids have furbees - which I find quite noisy - but they are verbose and the kids also like them.  So we've got two data points - silent ted and frantic furbees.  

I'm assuming that a toy that REACTS is going to be a hit - listening to what kids say and how they say it and then doing something.   We'll see as we continue to build and test the prototypes.


Lab Test - Basic Speech & Responses

This VIDEO is a VERY early stage test of integrating a few different components. We integrate

  • IBM Watson speech to text (STT),
  • R Studio (as main code base)
  • Python (to call the serial pieces of the Arduino, as R made it really hard)
  • Arduino driving servos with eyeballs on them
  • IBM Watson Text to Speech for the Response

Source Code

https://github.com/rustyoldrake/R_Scripts_for_Watson/blob/master/Watson-COGNITIVE-Toys-Arduino.INO - Arduino

https://github.com/rustyoldrake/R_Scripts_for_Watson/blob/master/Watson-COGNITIVE-TOYS-Boaty-McBoatface.R - R



With Voice Controlled Helicopter


The Name - Boaty McBoatFace

In case you're not familiar with the origin of this name....




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Ryan Anderson

Hi! I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage. Lately I've been learning about machine learning.

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This is an informal blog that explores tools, code and tricks that group members have developed to engage IBM Watson cognitive computing services - from the R Programming Language. Packages include RCURL to access Watson APIs - for services that include Natural Language Classifier and Speech to Text. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG - it does not represent the views of my employer. Code is presented as 'use at your own risk' (it has lots of bugs)

Created: September 13, 2015


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