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Autism Wingman

POSTED IN: Building Bridges from R to IBM Watson

Wingman - Powered by IBM Watson

what if kids with autism had a real time, heads up display that showed them visual cues for the 'low amplitude' social signals and cues?

POC below explores this.  Uses IBM Watson Speech to Text;  and Tone Analysis service.  Plus R Studio, Python Serial scripts, Arduino and some leds

Use Cases include below - Imagine an 8 Year old wearing glasses with mics:

  1. High Amplitude Emotion (e.g. other speaker voicing anger or disgust)
  2. Rapid change of Tone (casual to formal - a change in overall tone that's atypical)
  3. Repeated Social Hints (e.g. third time in conversation that other speaker hints that it's late and should be moving along, and other 'closing' cue language)
  4. Therapy Triggers - moments of awareness or reminding - green light to remind wearer about a condition they are working on.  e.g. inappropriate topics or langauge








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Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson

Hi! I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage. Lately I've been learning about machine learning.

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This is an informal blog that explores tools, code and tricks that group members have developed to engage IBM Watson cognitive computing services - from the R Programming Language. Packages include RCURL to access Watson APIs - for services that include Natural Language Classifier and Speech to Text. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG - it does not represent the views of my employer. Code is presented as 'use at your own risk' (it has lots of bugs)

Created: September 13, 2015


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