Mapping Brand Drift

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Brand Perception in Social Media - Mapping Archetypes - Viz Foundation

thinking about what it would look like for a retail brand or luxury brand to visualize the brand over time

  • assume access to 10k+ social media sources that are expressing views on the brands on semi-regular basis
  • assume we're clustering these folks together to nearest neighbor -demographics/relationship with brand
  • measuring over many weeks months or years
  • using IBM Watson (Alchemy Language, Custom NLC trained for traits that matter) - to pop signals out of group's collective voice



Basic Viz Foundation

so the graph above is dummy data, but I needed to get a basic start on how to graph movement by cluster over time on the


This Hypothetical Example

In this case, I was thinking about three distinct groups of folks who were engaging with a slightly different face of a luxury retail brand. 

  1. Progressives - talking good stuff about the brand and MEASURED AS RESPONDING to the movement to be innovative and leading edge. Happy.
  2. Traditionalists - also happy - but other component is resonating with them - OLD SCHOOL - NOSTALGIA - Also Happy.
  3. Disaffected - Not getting the message and getting growly about the brand


Other Use Cases

    - Support Calls

    - Customer Service

    - HR / Performance Reviews

    - Education Evaluation



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