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I wrote some R Hooks to talk with Conversation service - here:







IBM Watson Launched CONVERSATION Service July 2016 - - here is what I found on my 1st tour....


Step 1 - Go To Bluemix https://console.ng.bluemix.net/ and select USE SERVICES OR APIs  (signing up to free account takes 2m)

here is bluemix dashboard.  click bottom right box to launch a service




new tile!  Conversation.  It's a mashup of NLC, Dialog and other services.  with terrific UX/tooling



Step 3 - Think of a nice name and CREATE  - you can leave it unbound.

creating the service in bluemix.  Takes about 10-20 seconds to be available.


Step 4 - Select LAUNCH TOOL (bottom right)

this is the step I normally go to "Service Credentials" and start hammering service.  For now, as of July 2016 - the best way to create the Conversation Service is with Tooling.  Launch Tool! 


Step 5 - New tooling will launch - select CREATE.  Pick a name and some simple example of Chat Bot


my example was a basic intent detector for coffee, cheese, chocolate and wine.  Yum!


Step 6 - Start with basic INTENTS - Add a 3 or 4 intents to test - and give service 5-10 examples of user inputs that should MAP to intents.  (Classes) - this may look familiar to NL Classifier users. 

see NLC and Conversation documentation for details.  Links below.


Step 7 - Click on CREATE DIALOG.  Then start playing with nodes.  FIRST NODE - CREATE "conversation_start" and create new CONDITION (Starting node) - see docs for this.

experiment here - you can test real time, so you'll get hang of basic flow pretty quick


Step 8 - First box is prompt.  Then build a decision tree from your INTENTS like below #coffee and #chocolate . Also LOOP back (continue from -> Go to condition)

Also - create a LOOP back to start for testing "Continue From should click to "go to response" in the first conversation node (i.e. reset the talk once it provides answer)


Step 9 -  Try it out!  Test using icon top right corner


Step 10 - FUTURE - Add downstream functionality - I have some NL CLassifier Ground truths (Coffee, Cheese, Wine) that I'll 'wire in' - so Bot can ask follow up question and then recommend a specific delicacy.

Summary -  so in about 30 minutes of playing around we....

  1. Created a Bluemix Service called Conversation

  2. Launched Tooling

  3. Built some simple INTENT detectors

  4. Did a logic flow in Dialog

  5. Tested a simple bot to detect whether I was interested in Coffee, Wine, Chocolate or Cheese.

I had a bit of a learning curve in Dialog area, so may blog more on that later.  Also, I am keen to plug my Code into this (hit APIs) so watch this space.



Other Conversation Links:

Build a chatbot in 6 minutes with IBM Watson Conversation






Appendix A - here is an example of curl/command line syntax



Ryans-MacBook-Pro-2:~ ryan$

curl -X POST -u e63f524d-b6f4-9999-905b-e6bXXXe99b87:KQ4d0EggCyGR -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d "{\"input\": {\"text\": \"hot coffee\"}, \"context\": {\"system\": {\"dialog_stack\": [\"root\"], \"dialog_turn_counter\": 1, \"dialog_request_counter\": 1}}}" "https://gateway.watsonplatform.net/conversation/api/v1/workspaces/2ded4293-871d-4b24-XXXX-4c8b1289be81/message?version=2016-07-11"


{error: no user with username '"intents":[{"intent":"coffee","confidence":0.9871662023563588' was found}],"entities":[],"input":{"text":"hot coffee"},"output":{"log_messages":[],"text":["I'm sorry. I don't understand. Please try again"],"nodes_visited":["node_9_1468894011999"]},"context":{error: no user with username '"system":{error: no user with username '"dialog_stack":["root"],"dialog_turn_counter":2,"dialog_request_counter":2},"conversation_id":"1f84342f-5aad-XXXX-b40f-dd1XXXb66b4f"' was found}' was found}



Appendix B - here is an example of R syntax:

library(RCurl) # install.packages("RCurl") # if the package is not already installed

username_CON <- "e63f524d-xxxx-xxxx-905b-e6b1d4e99b87"
password_CON <- "KQ4dxxxxxyGR"
workspace_CON <- "xxxxxxxx-871d-xxxx-xxxx-4c8b1289be81"


## testing
response <- POST(url=paste(url_CON,"/workspaces/",workspace_CON,"/message",version,sep=""),
                 body = '{ "input": { "text": "coffee cake" } }',
                 encode = "json"

response_text <- content(response, "text", encoding = "UTF-8")  # or encoding = "ISO-8859-1"


> response_text <- content(response, "text", encoding = "UTF-8")  # or encoding = "ISO-8859-1"
> response_text
[1] "{error: no user with username '\"intents\":[{\"intent\":\"coffee\",\"confidence\":0.9871662023563588' was found}],\"entities\":[],\"input\":{\"text\":\"coffee cake\"},\"output\":{\"log_messages\":[],\"text\":[\"Welcome to the Tasty Helper!  \\nWhat are you looking for?\"],\"nodes_visited\":[\"node_6_146889888885\"]},\"context\":{error: no user with username '\"conversation_id\":\"28c696cd-5694-4377-99a5-688888d3ab266\",\"system\":{error: no user with username '\"dialog_stack\":[\"node_6_14688888593485\"],\"dialog_turn_counter\":1,\"dialog_request_counter\":1}' was found}' was found}"










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