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Cognitive Robot Arm (or - the most fun you can have for $1)

POSTED IN: Building Bridges from R to IBM Watson

Can we Take a $1 Robot Arm and make it voice controlled?

At a recent fundraiser at my kids' school, there was a flea-market - old toys and books.  In the pile of plastic was a little robot arm waiving at me.   For $1 I figured I'd take a punt.

Tonight, I was curious if I could get it working as 'voice control' in one session.  (roughly 7pm to Midnight was final tally)


Getting Started


Voltage and Motors - How we handle Polarity


Motor Direction and Basic Wiring


Relays - What they do and how to wire them


Relay Testing and Cycling through a basic Sequence



First Test with Speech to Text



Midnight Demo!  Final Demo of evening - Basic Test Successful

voice commands for each part of arm (pinchers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and waist/rotate)



Ready to Try?  Getting started with R Programming Language and IBM Watson APIs:





Other Links:

Bluemix:   http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/bluemix/watson/

Speech to Text Service   http://www.ibm.com/watson/developercloud/speech-to-text.html

Arduinos    https://www.arduino.cc

Relays     https://www.amazon.com/SainSmart-101-70-102-8-Channel-Relay-Module/dp/B0057OC5WK

Github Repo    https://github.com/rustyoldrake

ARDUINO - https://github.com/rustyoldrake/R_Scripts_for_Watson/blob/master/RobotArmArduinoTest.ino

R CODE - https://github.com/rustyoldrake/R_Scripts_for_Watson/blob/master/Watson-COGNITIVE-Robot-Arm.R




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Ryan Anderson

Hi! I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage. Lately I've been learning about machine learning.

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This is an informal blog that explores tools, code and tricks that group members have developed to engage IBM Watson cognitive computing services - from the R Programming Language. Packages include RCURL to access Watson APIs - for services that include Natural Language Classifier and Speech to Text. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG - it does not represent the views of my employer. Code is presented as 'use at your own risk' (it has lots of bugs)

Created: September 13, 2015


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