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IBM AbilityLab™ Content Clarifier is designed to help simplify, summarize, and enhance content in order to increase comprehension for people with cognitive disabilities, the aging population, or those learning English as a second language.


I am exploring a number of IBM Watson services and IBM Technologies as components to help with Autism Use Cases / Demo's I'm building and open sourcing.  I am exploring how this tool may be used along side Tone and Emotion services to help kids with Autism navigate the world.



http://contentclarifier.mybluemix.net/#/landing - as noted  "Accessing to the demo:

1. If you don't have one already, create a Bluemix ID here.

2. Send an email to scottw1@us.ibm.com with your Bluemix ID, requesting access."




3 minute video from IBM Accessibility:




Conversational - Simplified

Observation - good tool for "de-fancyfing" complex langauge - but did note that it added confusion if used en-masse to document - i.e. helped in 3 of 4 cases I tried, but added degree of confusion in 1 in 4.  My take away is this could be a good "Help me" tool - to have an autistic user ask for a simplified or alternate view on demand - of a snippet.


News Content

this news article was condensed.  did a pretty good job. two areas to watch though: 1) Attribution - in one case a Teresa May comment about Mark Carney was attributed to Teresa, not Mark.  and  2)  Condensing often loses speaker/attribution - so for he-said; she said articles, this can be important info


Technical Content

Did a nice job of the technical nuts and bolts - condensing


Corporate Announcement

Did a nice job of distilling key concepts from the longer corporate message




Ultra-Mode: A second pass of simplification is performed on summarized content.


API Integration

I only used the Web / UX for this tire kick - going to poke around for APIs and see about integrating on back end.  Watch this space :)




  1. USEFUL TECHNOLOGY :  Content Clarifier tool has an API that is accessible for automated cognitive assistance systems - and that there are several situations where “smart simplification and summarization” would be very useful.  Some good stuff here.  So far I only used web/UX to test - to come: integrate with APIs for 'real time' testing.


  1. SUMMARY IS SUPERB: For the limited tests I performed, the CONDENSED feature was most useful.  There are some use cases – especially with multi-speaker or multiple sources of information exist, where it loses too much signal – but for corporate statements or technical articles, looks like a great way to distill.


  1. FOCUSED CLARIFICATION IS BEST:  Content Clarifier looks like best-fit will be on targeted utterances, rather than applying globally, or ‘always on’;   The simplification feature for fancy words, when applied globally, often created more confusion. Deployed in a targeted manner, and in a way that can learn over time, is probably a sensible place to start.  For example – “Help me understand that last statement” – could provide a few new ways to interpret and understand.



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Created: September 13, 2015


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