9 Cognitive Patterns Delivering Shareholder Value

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Updated Version - April 2017




Cognitive sensemaking systems can see, hear, and begin to engage in “Sensemaking” – moving systems towards understanding.  Can augment Business Intelligence ERP, call centers, operations groups, robotics, automotive and IOT, etc..
Understand, Reason, Learn and Interact


Predictive & ML

Dozens of great tools exist today to equip organizations with machine learning and predictive models. ML models help understand if data contains signal, and what data features are meaningful to outcomes. Data science has been democratized and ML can be leveraged at scale to deliver ROI.



Leveraging automation to develop automated bots that don’t suck.  Conversational applications that actually work.   Deliver faster and better automated outcomes.  Systems that self monitor and adapt to different customers and different flows.


Cracking Carbon

Cognitive Services enable Signal Extraction from Unstructured Data; Dark Data / Data Exhaust; Information contains signals that are analyzed, produce actionable intelligence.  Organizations build tools to crack the carbon and release signal/insights 


Policy & Compliance

Cognitive NLP enables streamlining obligations and controls required to address ever-changing regulations. Orgs can proactively assess, manage regulatory requirements or other legal, regulatory or compliance environments. Reduce time and costs to understand regulatory requirements and controls.


Verbal Interfaces

For a natural human interface - just ask!  Speak the thing you want to know or want to have happen.  Have the “tell me” and “help me” needs satisfied.  Verbal interfaces to BI, SQL databases, Augmented Reality, personal bots & cognitive wingman.  Jarvis.


Data Discovery

With new data, new tools and new signal - a new generation of tools for data discovery is emerging.  Visualizations that move beyond eye candy to actionable intelligence, and are more accessible and intuitive for more stakeholders in the org.
Data Discovery enables Decision Support.


Segment & Personalize

New methods of understanding how to segment customers – based on traditional information (demo, geo) and new information (psychometric, tone, ML features) results in new, dynamic and more powerful ways to think about and engage with customers personally.  Mass customization & personalization.


Capacity Building

Fortune 500 seeking to create and cultivate skills within organization. Strategic investments in employees for a very uncertain future. Multiple benefits: strategic: understand opportunities from cognitive in future.  Innovate internally.  Evaluate projects and proposals. Knowledge backbones.


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Ryan Anderson

Hi! I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage. Lately I've been learning about machine learning.

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This is an informal blog that explores tools, code and tricks that group members have developed to engage IBM Watson cognitive computing services - from the R Programming Language. Packages include RCURL to access Watson APIs - for services that include Natural Language Classifier and Speech to Text. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG - it does not represent the views of my employer. Code is presented as 'use at your own risk' (it has lots of bugs)

Created: September 13, 2015


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