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Brute Force Math - with Python!

POSTED IN: Getting Kids Excited about STEM, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Teaching kids about "brute force' methods to solve problems or gain access


Math Problem

  • 10 digit number 3,872,649,A0B

  • is divisible by 36

  •  The letters A and B each represent single digit EVEN numbers  (0,2,4,6,8)

  •  GOAL: Find sum of A and B

# L&J - this is a sample program of how to leverage computing power
# to "brute force" a problem.  In this case - we are going to use a
# Loop to try EVERY possible combination answer to your question
# while at time inelegant - it can be effective for solving problems
# black hat hackers also use this to try to crack passwords








PS - the answer is SIX


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Ryan Anderson

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